Hildebrand-Brunner drying chambers

BRUNNER HILDEBRAND has been diligently serving the lumber industry for more than 70 years. In addition to our conventional dry kilns,over time, we developed unique products such as the world´s largest vacuum dryer HIGHVAC and the HILDEBRAND Continuous Kiln Alexander. Currently, we are proving our innovative spirit again by introducing HILDEBRAND Weight Precision Technology – the easiest and most accurate way of measuring lumber moisture content. Today and for your future, we continue our mutual success with cutting-edge technology.


BRUNNER HILDEBRAND has been selected by BERNECK®, one of the largest producers of sawn lumber and wood panels in South America as supplier for new dry kilns at their new (third) sawmill to be located in Lages, Santa Catarina - Brazil. BERNECK has chosen BRUNNER HILDEBRAND after careful selection, technical studies and trials in existing kilns with BRUNNER HILDEBRAND drying schedules in order to avoid drying defects.

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Lumber Dry Kilns by Brunner-Hildebrand - Video