Hildebrand-Brunner drying chambers

Steamer - BD 100

Steamer BD – 100

The BD 100 – Only delivered in a non-corrosive design

The kiln housing consists of an all-aluminum supporting frame construction and is made of corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy. All fasteners designed in acid-proof stainless steel.


The frame structure is covered with double-walled, high-quality 8” rock wool insulated wall elements in horizontal position to avoid insulation sag. Rock wool is inert and made from natural stone and recycled material. It is chemically inert, fire resistant (withstand temperatures up to 2,150 °F), water repellent (will re-dry to full R-value if exposed to moisture) and excellent sound absorption properties.


Special fastening equipment and silicone seals avoid the formation of thermal bridges. The interior wall elements are made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel designed to withstand worst-case species that release acidic volatiles in combination with the humid climate inside the kiln. All interior joints are welded in steam-tight design.


The stainless-steel wall elements are designed to be welded to the steel sheets that cover the kiln floor to prevent any moisture from penetrating into the wall insulation. The concrete floor will be poured in two steps: after the first level has been poured, special steel profiles will be bolted to the floor and then poured in a second layer of concrete. Later on, the stainless-steel floor sheets will be welded onto these profiles.


Brunner-Hildebrand kilns are widely considered the most steam-tight and durable kilns.

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