Hildebrand-Brunner drying chambers


HIGH VAC - The world's only rectangular vacuum dryer

What makes the HIGH Vac special?

Our vacuum dryers are rectangular and track loaded. The heat transfer to the lumber load is performed via steam instead of air. This results in a much better distribution of moisture and heat. Unlike high
temperature kilns, which also work with steam, the temperature stays within the range of 104 °F – 194
°F. This is possible because of the low pressure, which goes down to 1.5 psi. The lumber-bound
water changes into steam and can easily evaporate, which reduces drying time massively and prevents
lumber damage. For lumber species that are difficult to dry, we invented the steam pulsation
process. This means constant alternation between saturated steam and superheated steam with
extra-conditioning, rest periods and reconditioning – ideal for fast and stress-free lumber drying.





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