Hildebrand-Brunner drying chambers

Pallet Heat Treatment

Pallet Heat Treatment

How it works

Today’s export packaging and pallets must be heat treated sanitarily. This has to occur by the guidelines of the international protection of plants meeting IPPC, and is established in the standard ISPM Nr.15. In certificated temperature treatment kilns (heat treatment kilns) the lumber is brought to a temperature of 56°C for the duration of 30 minutes. Special temperature sensors in the core of the lumber measure the temperatures. The number of the sensors depends on the kiln size.

Heat Treatment and Drying in one

Temperature treatment kilns are available in sizes of 100 pallets to 2000 pallets. Small kilns are often heated electrically because they need only relatively little heating energy for approx. 2-5 hours of durable heat process.  More and more frequently a combination of temperature treatment and drying pallets is demanded. That’s why most temperature treatment kilns are designed as full dry kilns. This extra can also be added later with low expenditure.