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Moisture Content Measurement

Hildebrand Weight Precision Technology

The importance of mc measurement and most common methods

Moisture measurement is one of the most important elements in today´s kiln drying – it basically defines the entire drying process. The accuracy of measurement not only influences drying times, moreover, it´s the key factor for achieving excellent quality in a KD production.
Several methods of moisture content measuring are known in the marketplace. The electrical resistance MC metering is a very common method due to its simplicity and the fairly good results it produces. Unfortunately, it shows some inaccuracy while measuring the moisture content above the fibre saturation point. Also, handling is quite cumbersome, considering the time it takes to insert and remove an adequate number of sensors required for getting reliable results. Up to now, the alternative methods weren´t perfect either. The in-probe weight scaling can show a good level of accuracy, but everyday usage is inconvenient and obtaining representative results requires a fairly large number of probes and well-planned positioning inside the kiln.

The brand-new way of mc measurement

The Hildebrand Weight Precision Technology (HWPT) is capable of weighing entire lumber stacks in wireless mode. In contrast to the former Brunner Hildebrand in-kiln-probe-system, it is a massive improvement because it produces more accurate results and it may easily be integrated into the daily work routine by using weighing devices looking just like regular 4x4s. Height and length of the HWPT 4x4s are accommodated to the customer´s standard in order to achieve optimal work flow integration. For Track and continuous kilns, HWPT is also available installed in kiln carts.


Don´t try a shot in the dark anymore – use Hildebrand-Weight-Precision-Technology!


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