Hildebrand-Brunner drying chambers

Hildebrand Weight Precision Technology

Hildebrand Weight Precision Technology

The brand-new way of mc measurement

Hildebrand-Weight-Precision-Technology applies special software programs and so-called electronic bolsters with dimensions similar to the regular 4×4‘s you use while loading the kilns. The electronic bolsters are completely wireless and equipped with high-precision load cells and strain gauges that provide accurate weight logging of the entire lumber load resting on top of them. Height and length of the HWPT bolsters are accommodated to the customer´s standard in order to achieve optimal work flow integration.

In comparison to our former in-kiln probe scaling, the HWPT system is not only handier but also more precise. It weights entire lumber stacks and can even be combined with other lumber moisture measuring methods.

Don´t try a shot in the dark anymore – use Hildebrand-Weight-Precision-Technology!