Hildebrand-Brunner drying chambers

Batch Kilns - Track Loaded

70 Years cutting edge technology
Tailor made with high quality materials

Batch Kiln Type HTR 100 – Track Loaded

Kiln housing

The housing consists of a sturdy all-aluminum construction with special profiles. The construction of the walls is designed with aluminum shells along with high-grade synthetic-resin bounded and non-crushable rock wool (not inflammable). The inside walls are sealed absolutely steam-tight. The outside aluminum walls are rear ventilated.

High performance axial-flow fans specially designed fan wheel in all-aluminum with a directly linked three-phase special fan motor. Here, as always, we put our emphasis on quality and longevity. The fans are statically and dynamically balanced and especially suited for the particular conditions found in a drying installation.


Our heater elements are generally made of stainless-steel tubes covered with laminated aluminum (alum. 99.5) fins. Headers and flanges are also made of stainless steel. These components ensure a highly efficient heat transfer as well as a long-life cycle of the heating system.

Heat recovery system
Alternating Climate
High Temperature SYP

Project Name

Lewis Lumber and Milling Inc., Dickson - USA

Installation date: 2018

Kilns: 4

Capacity: ca. 360,000 bft

Species: Oak

Heating Medium: Steam

  • 3.400qm
  • increased moisture movement in the lumber
  • moisture removal through condensation instead of venting
  • less installation area required
  • high flexibility and quick responsiveness
  • lower power consumption than conventional kilns
  • special bright drying without oxidation and discolorization
  • vacuum pump without water consumption