Hildebrand-Brunner drying chambers

Batch Kilns - Track Loaded

70 Years cutting edge technology
Tailor made with high quality materials

Batch Kiln Type HTR 100 – Track Loaded

Hildebrand’s quality design

The housing consists of a sturdy all- aluminum construction with special profiles. The construction of the walls is designed with aluminum shells along with high-grade synthetic resin-bounded and non-crushable rock wool (not inflammable). The inside walls are sealed absolutely steam-tight. The outside aluminum walls are rear ventilated. All built-in parts are exclusive made of aluminum or stainless steel.

Our high-performance axial-flow fans are driven by Siemens or EBI motors, which are specially designed and suited for the particular conditions found in a drying process. The kilns are available in High Temperature SYP design and can be realized with all common heating solutions.

Hildebrand’s features

The magnitude of our innovations and options ensure that our kilns are always state of the art with a maximum of flexibility. Reduce your energy consumption with our patented kiln compound system (GreenKilns®) or even add a heat recovery system. Get full control of moisture content by selecting the most suitable measurement method in combination with our tdal-control. Optimize your lumber quality by upgrading your kiln and your control system with our quality management features, including Hildebrand Turbo Technology and the Alternating Climate Principle.










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