Hildebrand-Brunner drying chambers

Continuous Kilns – HCK-Alexander


The brand-new continuous kiln generation

While designing our new Continuous generation, we put great emphasis in combining the classic advantages of continuous kilns with the flexibility and quality of batch kilns. As a result, we developed the HCK. Lumber is placed length-wise on carts and dries during transport through a number of zones with separate climate conditions. Ultimately, lumber will be dried in the continuous kiln HCK-A just as it would be in a conventional kiln. The technical features of each individual drying zone are perfectly customized to the drying state and moisture of the lumber packages passing through.

Hildebrand’s quality design




Typically, all HILDEBRAND HCK continuous kilns come with an integrated control room on the upper floor of the kiln, directly beneath the roof section. This design ensures cost-effective installation of electrical supply cables and heating pipes as well as maximum protection against weather conditions. High-grade wall and roof insulation minimize thermal loss while the outside aluminium sheets blend in harmoniously with the rest of the kiln building. High-performance axial-flow fans are driven by Siemens or EBI motors, which can be accessed very easily.
All of the HCK-type kilns feature the company´s highly efficient HILDEBRAND GreenKilns® technology which allows large savings of thermal energy by connecting the individual drying zones to one big thermal compound where excess heat from certain drying zones is guided to drying zones in need of additional heat. This way, thermal waste is greatly reduced!



In short, HILDEBRAND HCK continuous kilns bring about essential benefits:



• Continuous volume feed to bring the lumber product quicker to the market
• Integrated with the logistics of the mill
• Multitrack, flexible, and able to dry different species and dimensions within the same kiln
• Volume drying at the lowest possible cost
• Maximize grade yield
• Optimized energy efficiency in-line with green initiatives and applicable to funding programs
• Scalable for future growth of KD production
• Adapted to any heat source and heating medium
• Many selectable features to get an optimal solution for you





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