Hildebrand-Brunner drying chambers

Continuous Kilns – HCK-Alexander


The brand-new continuous kiln generation!

There are three types of Continuous Kilns (shown below). These three types are mainly characterized by different designs of transport systems and air flow. Each one of them will yield a different drying process with different results. BRUNNER HILDEBRAND is capable of manufacturing all of them, but clearly favors system number 3. It is simply the best bargain for the customer and has the highest potential for the future – we call it HCK-Alexander.

While designing our HCK we put great emphasis on allocating the exactly right drying conditions (temperature, climate, air speed) to the respective moisture content – the technical features of every individual drying zone are customized to the drying state/moisture of the lumber packs passing through.

Each zone is fully separated and can be seen like an independent batch kiln.
Great output and short drying times combined with the highest drying quality.