Brunner Hildebrand selected by BERNECK to supply 32 Dry Kilns

BRUNNER HILDEBRAND has been selected by BERNECK, one of the largest producers of sawn lumber and wood panels in South America as supplier for new dry kilns at their new (third) sawmill to be located in Lages, Santa Catarina- Brazil.

BERNECK has chosen BRUNNER HILDEBRAND after careful selection, technical studies and trials in existing kilns with BRUNNER HILDEBRAND drying schedules in order to avoid drying defects. The order comprises 32 dry kilns with a holding capacity of 200 m3 (85.000 BDFT) each for drying Pinus elliottii and Pinus taeda and featuring the most advanced control systems including Hildebrand Weight Precision Technology (HWPT). This game-changing measurement system provides precision that was previously unknown by combining the weighing of entire lumber stacks with conventional lumber moisture measuring methods. In addition to the high level of accuracy this technology also convinces due to its practical implementation, since the measurement is carried out by so-called “electronic bolsters” – completely wireless.