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We at BRUNNER HILDEBRAND are proud about our long history in the US lumber dry kiln market. Since more than 50 years we deliver our kilns and our service to the industry and companies like PIKE LUMBER COMPANY, ROBBINS HARDWOOD FLOORING, ARMSTRONG / BRUCE, Jim C. Hamer Co, Haessly Hardwood, Charles F. Shiels, belong to our customer family.

We have pioneered most of the technologies which are now into common every day use on kilns such as:


  • all aluminum dry kilns – masonry kilns were replaced
  • reversible air flow and false ceilings – replaced side fans
  • computerized controls – replaced inefficient semi automatic PLC controls
  • variable speed drives in lumber dry kilns – energy saving became a trend
  • vacuum kilns since 1975 – since 1999 rectangular vacuum kilns for all sizes



   Visit us at LIGNA 2015 in Hanover(Germany)!


The world's premier trade fair for the forestry and wood industries from 11th - 15th May. You will find us in hall 13, booth C66 and D67!

Vacuum dry kilns of all sizes with heat pump. No boiler necessary!
Color changing of lumber under vacuum with ammonium treatment. 
KET 6000 Lumber Dry Kiln



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